"I had years of struggling to make credit card payments which never seemed to get any smaller. Since I've had my personal loan, I have not had the stress and life is now much more comfortable and most importantly, my finances are under control!"

Colin Tucker,

"Thanks to Universal Finance, they gave me a personal loan with which I paid off the credit cards and can afford the loan payment which is at a better interest rate than my bank"

Amy Clark,

"Universal Finance allowed my family and I to consolidate a number of loans in order to purchase a motor vehicle and caravan. This has given my family fantastic adventures during not only school holidays, but long weekends and the occasional overnight stay"

Wendy Lockett,

"My Universal loan allowed us to consolidate all our outstanding debts and put them into 1 loan with a lower interest rate than my credit cards. Much easier to manage and it means we are getting more out of our money each week"

Martin Parsons,