At Universal Finance Services we will find you the perfect loan plan (i.e. personal loans, business loans, debt consolidation loan, mortgage loan, home loan, auto loan, repayment loans, and any other loans) that is tailored to your financial needs.

We negotiate with our loan lenders on your behalf. We also counsel you on credit qualifications, offer efficient and highly personalized service, and help you every step of the way.

Without any hassles we can approve you 100% regardless of your credit history.

Need a loan? Have bad credit? Slow credit? No credit? Repos? Bankruptcy? Divorced? In Collection?

We are a international loan company experienced in every area lending and personal and business loans. We’ll automatically find a personal and business loan that is closest to the requested amount.

We have access to multiple private loan lenders, financial institutions, and banks to find you the best available loans.

We work with regional and nationwide loan lenders to give our customers the best chances of success.

Our innovative loan technology reviews your needs and automatically finds a loan amount that is closest to the requested amount at the most competitive rates and terms available.

Universal Finance Services strives to be able to provide affordable loans to borrowers thought of to be on the lower end of the credit spectrum.

Working with our vast network of national lenders we are able to get borrowers funds that they need at rates and terms that meet their direct needs. 

Our goal is once a borrower that was once labeled with
bad credit is given the opportunity to prove their credit worthiness and boost their credit they will do so and seek more financing through our company and recommend others to our services as well.