Personal loans are loans for which the borrower does not need to offer any good in order to secure it. The money will be given only on the basis of an analysis made by the loans officers, who will get a closer look at the papers brought by the client, and on his/her eligibility for such a loan. There are several advantages in choosing a personal loan.
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    A bank loans money to a business based on the value of the business and its perceived ability to service the loan by making payments on time and in full. Banks do not take any ownership position in businesses. Bank personnel also do not get involved in any aspect of running a business to which a bank grants a loan. Once a business borrower has paid off a loan, there is no more obligation to or involvement with the bank lender unless the borrower wishes to take out a subsequent loan.
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Welcome to Universal Finance Services, North America's leading bad credit lender. We value you your business and appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to stop by. If you’re looking for top notch quality and superior personal service, you’ve come to the right place. At Universal Finance Services, we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy.

Tired of never ending payday loan cycle? Consolidate existing high interest debt? Or maybe you woke up this morning and decided to take that vacation you were putting off? We are here for you.

We can approve a loan for as lIttle as $5000 in as under 8 minutes, with flexible repayment options ranging from 12-36 months. You will never need to take out a payday loan again that can cost you more than 500% a year.

Universal Finance Services is an on-line only lender, which means we don’t have expensive retail branches to maintain. We pass those savings to you. It is also much easier to fill out the application in comfort and privacy of your own home.

While we support responsible lending, we do not believe that someone that missed a few payments in their life should be denied a loan. Even if you had to declare bankruptcy due to some unfortunate life circumstances we can still help you.